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The Mark Hughes Cellular & Molecular Nutrition Lab At UCLA Was Formally Opened

The Laboratory is based at the Center for Human Nutrition within the University of California Los Angeles. The Center for Human Nutrition is headed by Dr. David Heber, Professor of Medicine and Public Health at UCLA as well as the founding Director of the Center.

The Mark Hughes Cellular and Molecular Nutrition Lab was formally opened at a tape cutting ceremony by Mark's son, Alex with Suzan Hughes (ex Wife) and Jack Reynolds (Marks father).


They were supported by Co-Presidents Carol Hannah and Brian Kane along with Chairman, Peter Castleman and the Board of Directors. The event was attended by U.S. Distributors, Home Office Corporate Staff and Scientists from the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition.

The Laboratory has been set up as a result of a generous donation from Herbalife. Its mission is to advance nutritional science by using the most progressive research and development technologies available.

As a result, we will lead the way in developing new scientific standards in the field of nutrition and herbal medicine. State-of-the-art methods will be used to identify the complex families of active compounds in herbs and to study their actions on living cells. Our aim is to make a positive difference to people's lives through herbal approaches to weight management and optimum wellness.

Warm tributes were paid to Mark Hughes' memory by Brian, Carol, Peter Castleman and Dr. David Heber and the Dean of UCLA were generous in their thanks to Herbalife.